All Hyper-V management operations are available from Hyper-V Manager (pic.2). Pic. 2 Hyper-V Manager. Since Hyper-V role is also integrated into the Server Manager tool, you can find some useful information there by viewing the events and services related to Hyper-V and see recommended configurations, tasks, best practices, and online resources.

Hyper V Linux: The Benefits and Limitations Hyper-V + Linux Limitations to Be Aware of. While Microsoft has solved a lot of the issues that were previously problematic in running Linux on Hyper-V, nothing is ever perfect. Two shortcomings of the current Linux/Hyper-V VM environment are: Microsoft can’t provide the level of support necessary to take full advantage of Linux container Hyper-V Manager not available Solved - Windows 10 Forums Aug 01, 2015

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VirtualBox vs. VMWare vs. Hyper-V: What's the Best Virtual

Oct 30, 2019

Oct 30, 2019 7 Tips for Hyper-V Monitoring that You'll Wish You Read Sooner For VMs use Hyper-V Hypervisor Virtual Processor% Guest Run Time, which lets you monitor virtual CPUs for each running VM (or as a total). As a rule of thumb, less than 75% for this counter (total for all VMs) is healthy, over 75% is a warning sign, and more than 85% should definitely be investigated. How to merge Hyper-V Checkpoints and why - A complete guide Hyper-V checkpoints play a key role in the overall lifecycle management of Hyper-V virtual machines as they allow for effectively managing and performing software updates, upgrades, and installations with an effective rollback mechanism when things go badly. In the latest releases of Hyper-V, Microsoft has […] Hyper-V - Gentoo Wiki