Sep 08, 2017

Jan 16, 2020 Why cannot I access the internet after successfully After logged in, check the WAN part on the Status page, if it shows an IP address (similar as below), that means the router is successfully configured and connected to the Internet: If there is no IP address, please check the physical connection or call your service provider to check the line. Connected, but "No Internet Connection" (modem + wireless May 05, 2012 Router connected to laptop,but no internet - Linksys Community Hi all,please can you help me. I have a Linksys WRT54GS speed booster, which is working fine for my two xbox 360`s wirelessly,but the problem is with my laptop,I have used the excellent easylink program,and the laptop is connected,the windows little wireless icon shows it is connected and the signal is very good,but i just can`t get on the internet,i have tried many numerous things like

WiFi connected but no Internet access! Help! Oh yes, how many times have I seen topics on forums called with these exact words. So many various phones, PCs, routers involved, so many possible reasons of the same problem and so many solutions that can help in one case but don’t work in another.

Physically, the router is situated between your laptop and the Internet connection or broadband modem. In the above setup, your laptop would connect directly to the router, not to the modem. (In fact, all computers on the local network connect to the router, not directly to the modem.)

Aug 24, 2017

My Laptop is Connected But No Internet Access: Sometimes it so happens that your same online connection works on one PC but not on another PC/laptop. The solution to this problem is to restart your PC/laptop and then try for connectivity. All other devices and other laptop work fine, but new laptop says "Can't connect." Acer tech support said drivers are up to date and walked me through other troubleshooting. Said to contact Verizon. I can connect through an ethernet cable plugged directly into the router. Ping was successful, but just can't get on via wifi. Help! If it does not or the log on does not work reset the router by holding in the reset pin until the leds blink. Once the router restarts you should be able to connect however I would recommend one further step that is log on as above but go to Security and change the admin password to something only you know and will remember. Smart TV Connection Tip #8—Check Your Router Logs. If none of the tips above have fixed your connection, you may want to see if your router keeps a log of reasons why it hasn’t let your television connect. Not all routers do this, and some routers provide more detail than others. Log into your router. (For instructions, check your router I have a problem with my laptop connecting to my router. It seems as if my laptop is the only one that will not connect to the router all of my roommates laptop connect perfectly. Also, my wifi switch forcould be working, when i switched it to on before it would have a light, now when i turn it on i cannot detect the light.