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Have been experiencing packet loss for months now. Have restarted my router and modem multiple times. When I pinged my router using WIN MTR, I average 4ms but I get spikes of over 200ms every 10 or so seconds, and over 250ms for any other IP address. I've changed the DNS to the public ones, Packet loss FIX - Game Discussion & Feedback Dec 10, 2018 Fixed my packet loss problem : FortniteBRuniversity Nov 06, 2017 Ping & Packet Loss Troubleshooting Guide - Crashes

Apr 18, 2020 · Fix Packet Loss in Call of Duty Warzone Change Connection. While it can be more convenient to use a wireless connection, especially when you’re really far away from your router, a wired connection is always going to be superior. It’s not just about faster speeds, as wired also provides a more consistent and stable connection.

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At times, the game might be unplayable due to high or unstable ping and constant packet losses. But, we have got you covered. By the end of this guide, you will be able to fix almost every source that could cause high ping or packet loss in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.