The new 2000 Gone in 60 Seconds film, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, features Nicolas Cage as master auto thief Randall "Memphis" Raines. Both films share plot similarities about a crew of thieves who steal a large order of cars (48 in the original, 50 in the 2000 film) and deliver them to the Long Beach docks.

Jul 28, 1974 · An unfinished sequel to Gone in 60 Seconds. Mandrian Pace is employed by a band of thieves to steal a secret car from a warehouse, but the police are determined to not let him retrieve it. Director: Denice Shakarian Halicki Use the arrow keys to move around. You've got 60 seconds to work through the maze to get to the burger stand, so you'd better start running! 60 Seconds! Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site JokeyPsych EndgameHonest GalaxyQuest Jun 09, 2000 · GONE IN 60 SECONDS was one of the most fun experiences I've had at the theater in the last couple of years. Though a little too long and not really full of action until the final twenty minutes, it moves well and has a good cast: Nicolas Cage, Will Patton, Robert Duvall, Giovanni Ribisi, Delroy Lindo, Christopher Eccleston, and others. 60 Seconds! is not a common survival game. It has much from black comedy genre and atomic adventure. Your mission is to save your life for 60 seconds. This time is given for you to secure life from a lethal nuclear attack.

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60 Seconds! for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details 60 Seconds! is a dark comedy atomic adventure of scavenge and survival. Collect supplies and rescue your family before the nuke hits. Stay alive in your fallout shelter. Game In 60 Seconds - YouTube Nic is back, and he's here to review your favourite games in 60 seconds - such as Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, Super Mario Maker, Star Wars Battlefront, Dark So

Gone in 60 Seconds (also known as Gone in Sixty Seconds) is a 2000 American action heist film starring Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Giovanni Ribisi, Christopher Eccleston, Robert Duvall, Vinnie Jones, Delroy Lindo, Chi McBride and Will Patton.The film was directed by Dominic Sena, written by Scott Rosenberg, and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.The film is a loose remake of the 1974 H.B. Halicki

You are a person, who stands near a nuclear bomb that is about to destroy everything and everyone you love. You have a family, and you definitely want to save their lives. But would you be able to do this within sixty seconds? This is exactly the amount of time you can rely on, because the countdown has already begun, and you can’t stop it. Meteor 60 seconds! is a simple, fun, comic-like action game that simulates your life if there were a meteor heading towards Earth and you had 60 seconds to live. Do anything you want to do with your last 60 seconds, even if it's illegal! What about planting an apple tree?