Jul 19, 2017

Amazon Fire HD 8 Troubleshooting - iFixit I have a amazon fire HD 8. I don't know if it is the battery or something else. When I turn it on it says KINDLE then the fire logo and running dots under the fire logo. Then it doesn't do anything else. Just the fire logo with running three dots under it all day. Help please. Out of warranty. Thank you Amazon Kindle Fire Can't Fire Wi-Fi Internet Connections Some Kindle Fire owners have found that the Kindle Fire tablets will find and connect to a Wi-Fi connection but not connect to the Internet. Some have found that the Amazon software update to 6.2 "provides improvements to the operation of your Kindle Fire," helps. Others found it could be a DHCP problem or router problem.

Problem: Connecting to PC. A lot of people have trouble connecting their Kindle Fire, HD, or HDX to …

Kindle Fire and Uverse | AT&T Community Forums Nov 09, 2012 Amazon Kindle not connecting to the eBook store or

Jun 07, 2016

Basic USB Connection Issues. Your Kindle Fire connects with your computer via a USB cable, and through that connection, you can load e-Books and manage the content on the device. Like any USB connection, the Kindle’s communication with your computer can be interrupted by software or hardware issues. Amazon recommends connecting the Kindle to Kindle App For Windows 10: Unable To Connect Error Solved